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Race Officer Information

Race Officer Arrangements

The Race Officer rota has been published for the whole season.

Club racing can only be a success if all members carry out their Race Officer duties. The responsibility for remembering the duty days, and organising a swap if necessary, lies with the members. Please remember to tell other members of your team if you swap a date. In exceptional circumstances call the Sailing Captain

Cadets have been included in the rota this year as a way of encouraging the younger members to get more involved in the club and in racing.

Cadets – if your name is on the list you are expected to attend.

If the Race Officer fails to attend, or organise a replacement, he/she/they will be penalised 10 points from their Series total.



Race Officer Guidelines

  • All races shall be started on the water.
  • Races should start at the advertised time.
  • The Race Officer will identify the wind direction and strength, and chose the appropriate course number.
  • The course chosen should be indicated on the club whiteboard, or an indication that the course will be advised on the water.
  • Founders Races should not be less than 1 hour in duration
  • Rescue is priority.
  • There should be 2 rescue/race boats on the water.
  • When starting races on the water, one of the rescue boats will double as the Race boat.
  • If the race boat is unable to carry out race duties because of rescue demands the race will be void.
  • During rescue priority is safety of the crew – not the boat. 


If in any doubt rescue the people and leave the boat



There must be at least one rescue/race boat afloat, on the race course, with two persons aboard.

Otherwise – NO RACE and the Race Officers will be penalised

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