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1          Rules

1.1        The racing will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the rules of the respective Class Associations of the participating dinghies, except as any of these are changed by these sailing instructions, and these sailing instructions.

1.2        The Race Committee may have any boat measured and/or weighed.

1.3        Competitors under the age of sixteen must have parent, guardian or responsible persons consent to enter races.

2        Safety

2.1        The Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury to competitors or guests however caused.

2.2        A boat is entirely responsible for her own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing, whether in the Notice of the race or Sailing Instructions or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility.

2.3        It is for the boat to decide whether she is fit to sail in the conditions in which she will find herself. By launching or going to sea, the boat confirms that she is fit for those conditions and her crew is competent to sail and compete in them.

2.4        The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular to hold insurance against third party claims in the sum of at least £3,000,000 (Three million pounds)

2.5        Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the boat, nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in racing.  The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the race and the event, and include the organising authority, the race committee, the race Officer, patrol boats and beach masters.

2.6        The provision of rescue boats does not relieve the boat of her responsibilities.

2.7        Personal Buoyancy: All crew members, at all times when afloat, shall wear adequate personal buoyancy. Wet suits / dry suits do NOT constitute adequate buoyancy. This changes Rule 40.1. Failure to comply with this

will result in disqualification without a hearing. This changes Rule63.1


2.8        Retirements:  A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race officer as soon as possible

3        Changes to Sailing Instructions

3.1        Any change in the Sailing Instructions will be posted at least 30 minutes before the advertised starting time of the race or races concerned, and signalled by displaying flag ‘L’ ashore.

3.2        A change of course does not constitute a change to sailing instructions.

4.     Notices to Competitors

4.1.   Notices to competitors will be posted on the board situated in the club foyer

5        Eligibility

5.1        Eligible boats are those entered by members of the club who are ‘sailing members’. Members may sail with guests subject to the club rules governing the admission of member's guests.

5.2        Visitors may enter races with the permission of the Race Officer, or a Senior Club Officer, but will not be eligible for series points.

5.3        Only club members will be eligible for any prizes awarded for any race or series.

5.4        Each boat sailing must have Third Party insurance for a minimum of £3,000,000.

6        Signals made Ashore

6.1        Signals made ashore will be displayed from the Club Race Box signals mast.

7        Schedule of Races & Time of Starts

7.1        First start will be as published in the Year Book. When second or subsequent races are scheduled these shall be started as soon as possible after the finish of the preceding race.

7.2        Starting order and signals:

CLASS                                                                                                 FLAG

Fast Handicap (PY Less than 1060)                                                      Number 1

Slow Handicap/Cadet Racing (PY 1060 or greater)  Number 2

7.3        Skippers must specify which class they will take part in when signing on for the race. (Note that scores cannot be carried over from one class to another within a series).

8        Entries & Signing on

8.1        Unless otherwise indicated in the yearbook a race entry relates to the boat, and results shall be awarded to the boat.

8.2        Boats may only be changed during a series and continue to count results after agreement from the Sailing Committee.

8.3        Each competitor is required to Sign On to indicate that they intend to race, on the race form in the club foyer, before going afloat. Failure to do so may result in the competitor not being considered to be a race starter.

8.4        Competitors entering races after the Race Officer has gone afloat must also inform the Race Officer. Failure to do so may result in the competitor not being considered to be a race starter.

8.5        Three or more entries are required to constitute a race.

9        The Courses

9.1        The courses shall be as set by the Race Officer.

9.2        The Race Officer shall indicate the course by displaying the course on the committee boat, or verbally. It is the competitors responsibility to confirm the course with the committee boat.

9.3        If there is more than one race scheduled in one day competitors must confirm the courses for subsequent races with committee boat.

9.4        The number of rounds is not predetermined. All boats will sail for approximately the same time and average lap times will be used in calculating the results. This modifies rule 32.

9.5        The start and finish will be at the same mark and this mark will be part of the course.

10     Marks

10.1     The marks are spherical polyform buoys. Mark X may be a conical polyform buoy.

10.2     Approximate mark positions are as follows:



11     The Start

11.1     The starting procedure will be in accordance with RRS 26.

11.2     Fixed line starts will be used. The starting line is defined as the line between the steering console or mast on the committee boat and a starting mark as indicated on the course.

11.3     Races shall be started as follows with times being taken from the visual signals, the failure of a sound signal shall be disregarded:

Time (Minutes)          Flag                                                                 

-5        First Class warning flag displayed –Number 1     1 Sound

-4        Preparatory (P) displayed                                           1 Sound

-1        Preparatory (P) removed                                            1 Sound

 0       Class flag (No 1) removed & Number 2 displayed 1 Sound

+1                  Preparatory (P) displayed               1 Sound   

+4                  Preparatory (P) removed                 1 Sound   

+5                  Class flag (Number 2) removed       1 Sound   

11.4     If it is necessary to interrupt the sequence all flags shall be removed and a new start sequence shall commence with the class warning flag.

11.5     If there is a general recall the First Substitute shall be flown with two sound signals.

11.6     If the general recall is made on the first of the two starts the sequence will continue for the second start and the First Substitute will be removed when the Preparatory (P) signal is removed for the second start. When the Class Flag (Number 2) is removed at the second start the First Class warning flag shall be displayed and the new start sequence shall continue.

11.7     If there is a general recall when only one start is scheduled the First Substitute will be removed with one sound signal when the race team is ready and any adjustments to the start line or the course has been made. One minute later a new start sequence will be commenced.

11.8     Individual recalls shall be signalled by the Class Flag hoisted at the dip, until premature starters have returned or for a period of three (3) minutes whichever is the earlier.

11.9     A boat starting later than 4 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start.

11.10  Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area.

12     The Finish

12.1     The finish line will the line between the steering console or mast on the committee boat and the adjacent course mark as indicated on the course.

12.2     Yachts will finish when they next cross the finish line after Code Flag “S” is flown. Different classes may be finished at different times which will be indicated by displaying their Class Flags along with Code Flag “S.” Average lap times shall be used and this modifies Rule 32.

12.3     The time limit for individual club races shall be 120 minutes, and when two or more races are scheduled for a particular day this shall be reduced to 90 minutes.

12.4     Any boat failing to finish within the time limit will be scored DNF.  When the first boat finishes within 30 minutes of the time limit, then the time limit will be extended, and boats that finish within 30 minutes of the first boat will be scored according to their finishing places.  This changes RRS 35.

13      Protests and Requests for Redress

13.1     Protesting yachts must inform the race officer of their intention to protest at the finish of the race

13.2     Protests shall be lodged on forms available at the race office and returned to the race/protest committee within 1 hour of the last boat finishing the last race of the day.

13.3     The Protest Committee will meet as soon as possible after racing.

13.4     The Protest Committee shall be constituted from Club Members who cannot be materially affected by the potential protest outcomes. Members of the Protest Committee shall not be deemed unsuitable because they have been competitors in the race concerned.

14         Scoring

 14.1    The scoring system for each series will be as indicated in the sailing programme.

14.2     For series scored according to the RRS Appendix A system:

The Low Points scoring system of Appendix A will apply.

14.3     The number of races (N) to count towards a boat's series score is specified in the Sailing Programme. If more than N races are completed, then a boat's series score shall be the total of her best N races, excluding the remainder. If N or fewer races are completed, a boat's series score shall be the total of her race scores.

14.4     For series scored with a high scoring System :

14.5     This system is a high points scoring system where the points are awarded only to boats which start any race according to the following formula.


1st – 25 points

2nd – 24 points

3rd – 23 points

And so on.


14.6     If there are more than 25 entrants, there will be an additional point for each for each entrant over 25.

14.7     Boats that retire from any race are awarded points equivalent to 25 - number of starters.

14.8     Boats that are disqualified from any race are awarded points equivalent to 24 - number of starters.

14.9     The number of races (N) to count towards a boat’s series score is specified in the Sailing Programme

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