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Home / News / Prestwick Sailing Club - Christmas Prize Quiz Answers

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Home / News / Prestwick Sailing Club - Christmas Prize Quiz Answers

Prestwick Sailing Club - Christmas Prize Quiz Answers

Published 15:35 on 25 Dec 2020

Prestwick Sailing Club - Christmas Prize Quiz

Well done everyone that had a go.

1st Chris Clow 11 points

2nd - Sarah Green 10 points

3rd David McClay 9 points

  • 1.Who famously helmed "Superdocious" to Olympic Gold?

Everyone got this right.

Rodney Pattison sailed his Flying Dutchman "Supercalifragilousexpialidocius" to Olympic gold in 1968, 1972 and silver in 1976. A pioneer in making a racing dinghy go very fast.

  • 2.How many numbered berths do we have in the compound at Prestwick Sailing Club?

There are numbers 1 to 102, and berth 0. So, there are 103 in total. Closest answer was 102.

  • 3.Who was Prestwick's first Commodore?

T Bonar Lyon. Most people got this right.

  • 4.In the first 40 years (1960 - 2000) of the club how many times did a singlehander win the Founders Trophy?

Surprisingly it's only 1 time. The results were first dominated by Enterprises and GP14s, and then by 505s. The only singlehanded winner was Jim McGillivray in a Laser in 1978. Since 2000 it's been won mostly by Singlehanders.

  • 5.When Plotting a Course to Steer you need several pieces of information. With a start point (Fix), and a Destination (Waypoint),
  • a)Tidal Vector (Tide)
  • b)Variation (True to Magnetic)
  • c)Deviation (Compass Error)
  • d)Leeway (Wind)
  • 6.How many Olympic medals (of all colours) has the British Sailing Team won since (and including) the 1996 games?

2 in 1996, 5 in 2000, 5 in 2004, 6 in 2008, 5 in 2012, 3 in 2016 = 26.

One person answered perfectly, except they added it up wrong. Closest answer was 25.

  • 7.What is the name of the sailor who was winning the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1969 but instead of finishing to claim victory, fame and prize money just carried on sailing......

It was Bernard Moitessier. He just kept on going.

  • 8.Which class of boat was designed (and is unique to) the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan?

It's a Tumbleweed. This was in the April newsletter.

  • 9.You are racing on a windward/leeward course, approaching the windward mark on port. You touch the mark and infringe rule 31,

Question should have added "marks left to port". However, the answer is based around a penalty turn being defined as a tack and and a gybe (or vice versa), and that there is nothing that says that the mark you hit cannot be in the centre of that manoeuvre, or that you have to end up going in the same direction as when you started the penalty..

You're on port, you touch the mark on your port gunwhale, pass the mark, tack as normal, bear away as normal onto a run, and then gybe and stay on a run. Penalty taken. Two people were close to being correct.

  • 10.Why was 2010 a significant year for the club?

You lot are smarter than me. I was thinking 50th Anniversary, but answers also included Ayrshire Club of the Year and RS300 National Championships. All correct answers.

  • 11.Originally, an Optimist was never to cost more than how much, in $s?

Clark Mills original design was the sailing equivalent of the soapbox derby craze in the US, which was no good in Florida as there are very few hills. It was designed to cost, all up including sail, $50.

A new one is bit more expensive now.

  • 12.What 2 things were revolutionary about the 1980 GBR America's Cup challenger "Lionheart"?

Another mistake from me a I thought it had a very wide boom. Not correct, but it did have a flexible top mast section. Most people got this correct.

  • 13.What is currently the fastest single sail, hiking monohull dinghy class?

It's the amazing, foiling International Moth. Off foils it's the RS300.

  • 14.Rank the following dinghies in order of speed, fastest first, slowest last - according to 1974 PY numbers! Osprey, Moth, International

Answer with 1974 PY numbers is Osprey(82), Int 14 (88), Laser (95), Int Moth (101). Shows how much development classes can change.

Tiebreaker - How many dinghy classes have been in the club since 1960? Closest guess wins. Commodore's decision is final.

I know of 72 classes. Closest guess was 62, someone went for a whopping 239!

Last updated 14:25 on 17 June 2022

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