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Home / About Us / Club Boats / Club Boat Rigging Guides and Assistance

Club Boat Rigging Guides and Assistance


Club boats and the numbers available within each class are listed below (in order of descending size). Basic information on each boat class is provided to help you choose which boat best suits your needs. Also included are links to rigging guides, however if you would like some assistance in rigging on the day please contact ( or to arrange to meet someone at the club.

Bahia (x 4)

The Bahia is the largest club boat and good for families as it can take 2 adults and 2-3 children easily. It's pretty stable and easy to handle and is a good training boat for novices. It is roomy and comfortable with places to sit, but due to its size and weight needs at least 2 strong adults (and preferably some extra hands too) to pull up the beach.

Another sailing club has produced this handy Bahia rigging guide;

Vago (x1)

The Vago is a doubled handed dinghy suitable for two adults or youth sailors. It is a bit smaller and lighter than the Bahia and is faster, with a spinnaker. This boat is fairly tippy in stronger breezes and better suited for sailors with a reasonable amount of experience. It is popular for club racing.

Here is a link to the manufacturer's rigging guide which includes rigging from scratch so probably rather more detail than needed on the day;

Hartley 12.2 (x2)

The two Hartleys were purchased specifically for beginners in mind. The Hartley is a two-person boat that is easy to rig and sail, and is fairly easy to pull up and down the beach. It is stable, comfortable with good sides for sitting on and comes with a spinnaker if you want to spice up the sailing or join in club racing. Ideal for two medium size adults, or one adult with 1-2 children. Here is a nice and simple rigging guide from Hollowell Sailing Club.

Feva (x 3)

The Feva is a fun and fast double handed dinghy with spinnaker most suited to junior sailors or smaller youth sailors with some sailing experience. One smallish adult could sail it with a child but it is not comfortable for larger adults as it is more of a 'perch' than a 'sit'. It is quite easy to handle and to pull up and down the beach. The below rigging guide is rather detailed and explains rigging from scratch but the youtube video should be helpful.

Laser (x1 or 2?)

The Laser is a single-handed boat suitable for adult or youth sailors with a reasonable amount of sailing experience. It is fairly easy to rig and can be sailed with a radial sail (smaller sail) for lighter weight sailors (or heavier sailors in strong winds!) or a standard sail which is a bigger sail better suited to heavier sailors or to light wind sailing. The laser is light enough to be pulled up and down the beach by one person. This rigging guide from Washington Yacht Club in the USA makes our club lasers look in good condition! Obviously, our boats are kept on land and not in the water, and please don't turn the boat on its side to rig it.

Taz (x6)

The Taz is a double handed dinghy suited to children and beginner sailors. It is lightweight and easy to rig and handle.

Topper (x12)

The Topper is a very popular single-handed dinghy suitable for junior, youth and small adult beginner sailors. It is easy to rig and launch and can be sailed with a full-size sail or a smaller training sail for beginners. Here's an easy rigging guide from Shropshire Sailing Club.

Optimist (x4)

Our club Optimists are durable training boats for the youngest sailors. They are very easy to rig and very stable to sail. The fixed rudder means than a child will probably need some help to launch as the rudder is put on when the boat has been pulled into sufficient depth of water. These boats don't have a self-bailer so make sure a hand bailer is in the boat before the child goes out. Here is a nice rigging guide suited to the training Optimists at our club.

All boats are stored in the compound some boats (Optimists, Toppers, Lasers) have masts and sails stored in the cadet hut. The cadet hut can be accessed using the key on the yellow key board located in the clubhouse just to the left of the main door. If you are new to using club boats, please contact the club ( or to arrange for someone to meet you and show you where everything is.

Last but not least, two important things to note:

*Remember to put the bungs in before you sail! and loosen them after you sail.

*Please ensure that boats are left as you find them (or better), with covers put on properly and straps tightened, and the whole boat secured firmly to the rings set in the ground using the rope provided.

Last updated 21:30 on 3 July 2023

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