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Home / About Us / Safety at Prestwick

Safety at Prestwick

Although it takes place in an environment with a number of potential dangers, sailing is statistically a surprisingly safe sport.

At Prestwick we have few simple rules to keep everyone safe.

Safety at Sea

At All Times

1.A boat is entirely responsible for her own safety whether afloat or ashore. The provision of rescue boats does not relieve the boat of this responsibility.

2.Life Jackets/buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when afloat.

3.Each sailor must ensure their boat is fully seaworthy, has sufficient buoyancy installed and the crew are sufficiently experienced and fit to sail in the prevailing conditions.

Sailing in an Offshore Wind

4.No boat may be sailed in an offshore wind (i.e. wind from East of a North/South line) unless there are at least:

a.two boats afloat,

b.each helmed by a Senior Cadet or Adult member,

c.sailing in the same area,

d.they are able to assist each other in case of difficulty.

Sailing Outside Organised Events

5.Sailing outside organised events is encouraged subject to the following rules

6.Members shall fly the White flag on the Club's flag pole before they go afloat. The flag indicates that there are boats afloat. The helm of the last boat ashore will be responsible for removing and stowing the flag.

7.Members shall enter the following information on the notice board situated in the clubhouse:

Name of boat or sail number:


Number of Crew:

Time of Departure.


Estimated time to return:

It is essential to delete such information on the return of the boat to the compound.

Safety at Sea additional rules for Cadet Members

8.All cadets may sail at any time under supervision of parents or instructors, who shall be deemed to be in charge and responsible.

9.All Cadets may helm or crew at organised events, subject to the judgement of the Race Officer, and within an area defined by them.

10.The skill level required for Cadets to sail outside organised events must be such that they have achieved their RYA stage 3 qualification, or an assessment by the chief instructor to be of that standard, and have parental authority to do so.

Last updated 21:30 on 3 July 2023

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